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 Gotland ca. 1320 - 1440
 Danske mønter fra ca. 1380 til 1874
 Hertug Hans den Yngre
Slesvig 1544 - 1762
 Danske guldmønter - før 1873
 Danske guldmønter fra 1873 og frem
 Danske mønter - fra 1873 og frem (Husk vi har flere på lager end dem du kan se her)
 Danske mønter monteret i Møntbreve
 KONGELIGE MØNTSÆT - DK (kgl. møntsæt)
 Danske/norske pengesedler 1695-1814
 Danske pengesedler 1813-1874
 Danske pengesedler - Slesvig-Holsten
 Danske pengesedler: efter 1874 - kronesedler
 Danske pengesedler - millitær
 Sønderjyske nødpengesedler
 Grønlandske pengesedler
 Færøske pengesedler
 Dansk Vestindiske pengesedler
 Grønlandske mønter, privatmønter, tegn og tokens
 Færøske Mønter
 Dansk Vestindien mønter & privatmønter/tokens - DWI
 NORGE : Mønter, sæt, litteratur mm.
 Bøger om Christian IV
 Mønter brugt til smykker & brugsgenstande
 Udenlandske mønter i guld - platin - palladium
 Miniature Guldmønter
 Polarmønter - Sølv & Guld
 Udenlandske mønter - efter vægt
 Danske og udenlandske Medaljer & Hæderstegn
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INFOKORT FOR :  David R. Sear: Roman coins and their values V.
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Varenavn: David R. Sear: Roman coins and their values V.
Varenummer 31867-5


Roman Coins and their Values, Volume V: The Christian Empire: The Later Constantinian Dynasty and the Houses of Valentinian and Theodosius and their Successors, Constantine II to Zeno, AD 337 - 491 by Sear, D. R.

Hardback, 576 pp., black & white illustrations throughout.

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The current revision of this popular work marks a radical departure from the envisioned aims of the original edition. This fifth and final volume of the 'Millennium edition' contains a comprehensive listing of the Roman coinage of the period AD 337-491 together with background information on the history of each reign and the principal characteristics of its coinage. The catalogue is organized primarily by ruler with the issues then subdivided by denomination and by reverse legend and type.
This arrangement combines the alphabetical ease of reference of Cohen's work with the scholarship of RIC and other modern studies, which are normally based on classification by mint. As the eastern and western halves of the Empire gradually drifted apart politically and militarily in the fifth century, the imperial coinage becomes increasingly complex. There is a tendency for the standard works of reference to be very selective in their coverage of the series as a whole and in this volume an attempt has been made to present the material as clearly and concisely as possible, in order to facilitate ease of use by the collector. The century and a half covered by this volume, from the death of Constantine the Great to the death of the eastern emperor Zeno, witnessed the initial stages of the Christian Roman Empire in the eastern Mediterranean area and the final death throes of paganism. It also saw the total collapse of Roman authority in the Empire's western provinces and its replacement by a patchwork of barbarian kingdoms. The imperial coinage similarly underwent many fundamental changes during this period and these are chronicled in detail in the text. For the succeeding coinage of the Eastern Empire, commencing with Anastasius I (AD 491-518), the reader is referred to the companion publication Byzantine Coins and Their Values (second revised edition,1987).

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